AQ-6 Transverse Cutter


The AQ-6 hydraulic cutter is Antraquip’s largest cutting attachment and the most powerful and reliable machine of its size worldwide. For excavators in the 70-180 ton weight class this machine is an excellent option to maximize production rates mass rock excavation projects.

Recommended excavators/carrier size class: 70-180 tons
For excavators in the 80-150 ton weight class

Hydraulic Power: 540HP (405kW)

Technical DataUnitAQ-6
Cutting Head Diameter (B) in (mm) 40 (1.015)
Cutting Head Width (A) in (mm) 68 (1.730)
Oil Flow gpm (l/min) 175-260 (360-888)
Max Pressure psi (bar) 5,800 (400)
Max Torque ft lbs (Nm) 99,600 (135.040)
Max Cutting Force lbs (N) 62,112 (276.400)
Operating Weight lbs (kg) 14,350 (6.510)

Please note hydraulic power rating should not be exceeded

An excellent option to maximize production rates of mass rock excavation projects

Quantity of cutter bits for standard drums: 88

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