Tube Spiles

The self drilling tube spile can be implemented in all ground types. Consistent installation in varying ground conditions is achieved with the outer tubing of the spile. The drainage holes of the tubing can be suited to the site conditions. A variety of drill bits are available for a range of geological conditions.

lbs/ft (Kg/m)
Self Drilling
Tube Spiles
33ksi (235 N/mm2) 2.0" (51mm) 12" (3.2 mm) 2.55 (3.8kg) 9,12,18(3,4,6 m *1)
Self Drilling
Tube Spiles
(High Strength)
51ksi (355 N/mm2) 2.0" (51mm) 18" (4.5 mm) 3.76 (5.6kg) 9,12,18(3,4,6 m *1)

Rebar Spiling

Deformed reinforcing steel bar with mitered top for ease of insertion. Standard installation is to insert the rebar spile after the mortar grout is filled into the borehole.

Tube Spiles

When consolidating ground through injection, the tube spiles are implemented as preliminary support. The spiles can be installed in the borehole with standard or percussion drill with disposable or reusable drill bits.

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