self-propelled rock drumcutter

Antraquip is the leading manufacturer of Roadheaders. Our roadheaders are advanced, self-propelled and extremely powerful rock cutting machines. We offer roadheaders in the weight class of 13 – 80 tons operating weight and they are designed to excavate roadways, tunnels and chambers continuously without using explosives. These electro-hydraulic powered machines emit no fumes and offer interchangeable cutter heads both transverse and inline. Our cutter heads are customized to each project including coal mining, mineral mining and underground construction projects. Their ability to excavate the desired profile without causing harmful vibrations is highly valuable for both environmental and safety reasons.

Antraquip roadheaders are typically used for tunneling (road, railroad, water, sewer) or in the mining industry. For the excavation of shafts, Antraquip suggests its roadheader based shaft sinking equipment provided the UCS of the material to be excavated does not exceed 8,000 psi. Our roadheaders have a variety of interchangeable cutting drums designed for transverse and axial applications. View our Roadheader Gallery of applications here.

Choose from our state of the art models:

Roadheader ModelWeight ClassTotal Power (kW)Cutter Transmission Power (kW)
AQM 50 18 tons 78.5 - 163 33/110
AQM 100L 24 tons 135 - 186 110
AQM 100 27 tons 135 - 220 110
AQM 150 35 tons 205 - 264 132/150
AQM 150HR 36 tons 205 - 264 150/160
AQM 175 65 tons 300 - 389 186
AQM 200 70 tons 394 200
AQM 260 90 tons 340 - 464 260

For more technical information about the above machines, please contact us at 301-665-1165 or email

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