Diamond & Carbide Saw Attachments

Antraquip offers Carbide Rockwheels and Diamond Saw attachments for excavators of all sizes and various applications. Antraquip's carbide rockwheels offer a cutting solution for soft to medium hard rock and concrete cutting applications with a minimum width of roughly 2 inches (50mm) while the Diamond Saw offers a cutting solution for hard rock that other mechanized methods of cutting simply cannot handle. The Diamond Saw Attachments, also known as the AQD Series, can cut the hardest rock including granite, basalt, etc. as well as reinforced concrete.


Identifying the correct model for your excavator is an important step. Please contact Antraquip for assistance with your model selection.

Common applications used with Antraquip’s Carbide Rockwheels and Diamond Saw Attachments:

  • Earthmoving
  • Trenching
  • Rock Excavation
  • Demolition
  • Mining
  • Quarrying
  • Landscaping

The Diamond Saw attachment has many features that increase ease of access and reduce complexity that other cutting systems cannot offer. These include, but are not limited to, the Independent Bearing Set, the lack of need for a Case Drain and the saws overall serviceability. The Independent Bearing Set was designed to ensure the motor bearings don't support any load. This greatly decreases the likelihood of motor bearing failure, making the saw highly reliable and slashing service costs. The diamond saw does not need a case drain, which lowers installation costs and allows for a quicker and easier setup. As to the Carbide Rockwheel and Diamond Saw attachments design, all parts which require servicing are easily accessible with the remainder of the sealed parts being uncompromised.

Diamond SawWhen it comes to size and weight the Diamond Saw stands out in all the best places. The saw has a compact size, short body length, and is lightweight, but strongly constructed with a range of optional features which make it even more efficient depending on the circumstances. These options include single or twin blade configuration, motor speed sensors and additional options upon request. The twin blade configuration can be utilized during operations such as trenching to provide parallel cuts which increases productivity. The motor speed sensor provides greater efficiency in rock cutting by providing accurate adjustment to the power and oil flow to the Diamond Rock Saw attachment.

Whether it’s the efficiency, safety features, ease of operation, size and weight, or optional features, the Diamond Blade Rock Saw is sure to meet and exceed expectations for your hard rock cutting needs.